Castings In The EV Sector

Here at Precision Investment Castings, we work with the electric vehicle sector, amongst many others, to provide high-quality investment castings. The electric vehicle sector is moving at a rapid pace due to increasing emphasis on sustainability and net zero emissions. As a wider group, The Erlson Group, is here to provide manufacturing support in the UK.

Sustainability Increase

Statistics show that the electric vehicle sector is growing rapidly due to the government aims for net zero emissions in 2059. In just 10 years the number of electric vehicles registered in the UK has grown by a massive 474,746 cars. With 790 plug-in hybrid models available, this is an industry that we watch with huge interest.

investment casting for electric vehicle sector

Reaching Net Zero Emissions

Global targets to reduce emissions into the environment is more widely supported by the use of electric, environmentally friendly vehicles. As their demand increases and we see the reduction in the use of petrol and diesel cars start to gain momentum, we will start to see an increased requirement for innovative, well designed and well made electric vehicles.

We have worked with car manufacturers for many years, supporting them with the delivery of high-quality precision parts, both cast and machined. In a similar respect we are ideally suited to continue to support car manufacturers as they evolve into the manufacture of electric vehicles. We look forward to significantly contributing towards a much cleaner and more sustainable future.

Materials Used In EV Sector

When it comes to the electric vehicle market, Precision Investment Castings are able to create castings in a multitude of materials that guarantee a long lifespan and functionality. For electric vehicles to perform at their very best on the road, it’s important for parts and applications to be reliable, lightweight and able to resist wear and tear. One example of such a material is aluminium. Metals such as aluminium have the properties required to ensure longevity and durability for electric cars and electric vehicles. Other materials that can be used for castings in the electric vehicle sector include nickel, cobalt, steel, copper and carbon steel and Precision Investment Castings is experienced in manufacturing with each of these materials.

Investment Casting In EV Sector

Investment casting can be used for a wide range of electric vehicle applications. Components such as engine parts, control panels, charging stations, batteries, housings, seat frames, airbag housings, steering columns, door handles and more. As well as supporting a wide range of applications, what you can also be certain of is the reliability of integrity and the surface finish, adding huge value to the end product.

Benefits of Investment Casting in the electric vehicle sector

If you’re manufacturing components for the electric vehicle sector, investment casting offers significant benefits. It is the perfect casting solution for high-volume orders to be done efficiently and to a high standard. Further benefits of investment casting for the EV sector include the following;-

High Accuracy – When you choose investment casting for electric vehicle components such as engine parts and seat frames, you are guaranteed high accuracy. Investment casting is capable of producing much better and higher quality finishes than the vast majority of other casting processes applied.

Repeatability – Investment casting offers great repeatability of parts, cast to a consistent quality that is maintained from casting to casting. Repeatability is one of the added value characteristics achievable from investment casting as it also provides a low-cost option.

Versatility Design – When you choose investment casting for casting parts for the electric vehicle sector, you are also guaranteed versatility in design. You can benefit from exceptional design flexibility to meet your bespoke requirements and preferences.

Facilitates special detail – Investment casting is a precision manufacturing process that allows engineers to incorporate intricate detail. This means that we are able to incorporate features such as logos, names, numbers and other special requests if required.

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