Investment Casting

Investment casting is one of the oldest metal forming processes in the world. For over 5,000 years the investment casting process has been used to create complex and detailed cast metal components for a variety of different applications.

Why is investment casting right for you?

With so many production methods to choose from, why is the Investment Casting manufacturing process the right process for you?

Investment casting is perfect for complex components with complex internal details or those that have to meet weight requirements. 

The benefits of investment casting over other types of casting such as die casting or sand casting;

  • Maintains design integrity
  • Save time and money on alteration costs
  • Enables a broad choice of materials
  • Capable of producing a broad range of component sizes
  • Production to tight tolerances and high accuracy
  • Uncompromised integrity of parts
  • Fine surface finish
  • Control over quantity
  • Cheaper tooling costs compared with other casting processes
  • Tooling is easy to alter
  • Regular inspections take place during production

Allowing you to realise your component designs exactly as you intended with a high level of confidence in their overall quality and integrity. 

At Precision Investment Castings, we not only cast components, but our in house machining and finishing capabilities enables us to provide components that are ready to be used without the need of 3rd party finishing services.