How can Investment Casting Save you money?

How can Investment Casting Save you money?

Using the investment casting process is proven to help businesses save money, especially those who are looking for repeat and bulk orders. It’s no secret that investment casting is one of the most popular metal-forming techniques for manufacturers. Investment casting can be used in a multitude of industries including automotive, aerospace, military, medical, and various other industries. Of course, there are an array of benefits when it comes to investment casting and saving money is well up there with one of the most favourable benefits which allows businesses to reduce costs and increase revenue and profit margins.

In this blog post we will outline exactly how investment casting can help you save money.

1. Repeatability

One of the main reasons that investment casting can save you money is due to the repeatability that it provides. There is no compromise in quality from casting to casting and the process provides an extremely reliable technique that allows for low-cost repeat runs.

2. Sustainability

Here at PI Castings, we are big on sustainability and acting in environmentally responsible ways throughout all that we do. Therefore, throughout the investment casting process, we strive to reduce the amount of overall waste production to a minimum. This means that investment castings are normally created to near net shape, therefore playing an impact in the overall costs.

3. Low-tooling costs

Another notable reason that investment casting saves you money is due to the fact that low-tooling costs are involved. Compared to alternate casting methods, such as pressure die casting and gravity-die casting, investment casting is by far the more cost-effective option whilst also providing a very reliable technique and low-cost repeat runs.

4. Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is used 100% of the time with investment casting. Rapid prototyping allows directors and designers the opportunity to approve the final prototype and/or adjust and make final changes before investment casting goes ahead. This helps you save money as you won’t be wasting money on faulty versions of parts of applications that don’t serve the desired purpose of function.

5. Great surfaces finishes

When you use the investment casting process to design and produce your specific parts and applications, you are guaranteed exceptional surface finishes because of the natural step-by-step process involved. This helps to save money as it reduces additional work and secondary machinery that otherwise would be required in order to achieve an exceptional surface finish. Unlike alternative casting methods, such as forging and sand casting, investment casting will help to reduce overall costs and lead times due to this outstanding benefit.

6. Regular Inspections

You will also save money by proceeding with the investment casting process due to regular inspections taking place during the production stages, from start to finish. This helps to minimise and reduce potential faults that can happen during production. Therefore, production is held to tight tolerance and high accuracy with uncompromised integrity of all parts and applications.

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With over 70+ years of experience in a wide range of industries, Precision Investment Castings are able to work with customers from a wide range of industries to develop the optimum product for the optimum price.

We can deliver in a wide range of materials including Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Zinc.

Our services are backed by rigorous processes, testing and accreditations from the world leading quality organisations such as BSI and NADCAP.

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