Non-Destructive Testing

Ian is the Manager of our Non-Destructive Testing Department here at Precision Investment Castings. He has worked for PIC for 19 years. 

Ian started his career as an apprentice before taking a year off to travel visiting Spain and Australia. Upon returning to the UK, Ian got a job at PIC and the rest, as they say, is history. 

His typical day starts with checks on the dye penetrative testing line which needs to be done daily. He records them and then, depending on what jobs are in the factory, he might be viewing radiographs, ordering spares, giving jobs out to his team, making up ‘techniques’ and sometimes interacting with customers. He also keeps a keen eye on specifications relevant to that department in case something requires a change of procedure.

To process a part, it requires drawing up a dye penetrative “technique”. This involves looking at drawings of the product, determining what grade and classification it is, taking a photograph, making a record of the technique and then sending it off for 3rd party approval. Upon receipt of approval, Ian then processes the technique in house.

Ian loves the variety of his work saying; “I do love my job; I like the diversity and the fact that every day is different. The people are also brilliant to work with.”

Ian is a sports fan, a guitar and piano player and has a partner, three children and a grandson to keep him busy. He also has his New York and LA holiday to look forward to where he will be staying in a tree house!