Day in the life of a foundry man

In the Charge Room

Craig is one of our foundrymen and can predominantly be found in the ‘Charge Room’. He has worked for Precision Investment Castings for 5 years and has worked on various parts of the process from the wax room to the shell room and then finally into the foundry. 

Craig’s typical day starts at 6:45 where he starts working on the ‘charges’. This is essentially a recipe for the materials that go into one of our castings. He will cut certain metals to different sizes depending on the pots that are being used, get it prepared and ready to go. He makes sure all the additions are in spec, weighs all the metals before sending it off to one of the ‘melters’. 

When he’s not working on ‘charges’ he will make sure that the stock of additions, plates, bars, ingots, copper and other materials are adequate. Craig can also be flexible to help out in the shell room if we are particularly busy in that area working with Wayne. 

Craig is also involved in the ‘pouring’ process working as a ‘carrier’ who will essentially carry the molten metal in the mould with other member of the team carrying out other parts of the process.  

Whilst Craig enjoys being ‘hands-on’ he enjoys understanding how the different metals and temperatures work together to create the perfect cast.

At the end of a long day working in temperatures of up to 50°c, Craig looks forward to a shower and seeing his 4-year-old son who he likes to take fishing when he can. A huge fan of fishing for carp mainly and travelling all over the UK to get to the best spots.