Day in the life of the Shell Room

Wayne has been our Shell Room Supervisor for 5 years working in ‘Steel knock-out for the previous 2.

His typical day starts with washing and loading moulds for the day ahead. They get primed, ready to drop onto the line where they are transferred onto the lifter and given a secondary coating of ceramic slurry. 

Asked what he loved most about his job at PIC Wayne said; “first and foremost it’s the people that I work with but secondly, it’s the satisfaction of knowing that I have played my part in the process. I take a great pride in my work.” 

Wayne can often be manoeuvring castings of up to 90 kilos in weight so by the end of his day he is well and truly worn out. He goes home to a well-earned can of cider, to his wife, his three children and his cat and enjoys watching his football team, Nottingham Forrest.