Low cost doesn’t mean low quality

At Precision Investment Castings, experience has allowed us to form good relationships with Eastern foundries from which we can deliver your castings at the lowest prices. Our quality promise means that you will only receive components that gain our seal of approval.

Low cost sourcing brings with it many potential benefits for organisations, but with that comes a certain degree of risk. Below we identify how we aim to mitigate certain issues so that you don’t have to deal with them.

Language barriers

Communication is a challenge no matter where you are in the world, that’s why it is one of our company values. With great planning and good communication we leave no margin for error. We’re well aware of cultural norms and understand how costly miscommunication can be, which is why we aim to build the best relationships with our suppliers in order to help us fulfil our production requirements.


We at PIC guarantee quality and integrity in our work and we expect that of our low cost sources. Experience tells us the good from the bad but we also carry out high levels of inspection, ensuring the parts are right before we issue them to our customers. We track tooling wear and tear and carry out regular ongoing checks. We haven’t had very many issues and we find eastern suppliers to be as committed to doing a good job as we are.

Project Management

Our project management process is in place to ensure delivery times and schedules are adhered to effectively. With a new part, the foundry supplies a production plan that is kept up to date. They send pictures and updates along the way and so it helps us to identify problems (if there are any) ahead of time or see where time is slipping. We get regular production updates and shipping dates.


We do our absolute best to ensure parts arrive when they should but unfortunately we are at God’s great mercy when relying on wind and tide for delivery. If required we can look at air freight and we can hold stock – by special agreement – to mitigate issues that may impact production schedules.

We have worked with our partner foundries in excess of 15 years, so we fully understand the way they work and have been through most of the teething problems over the years. This is how we can be confident that operating through us is an easy option for you.


If you’re interested in talking to us about Low Cost Sourcing, please contact us via our website or call us on 0161 925 5160

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