Day in the life of the wax room

Paul, pictured above centre, is one of the wax trimmers in the wax room and has worked for Precision Investment Castings for around 8 years.

He has worked in a lot of different departments over the years; dye penetrative testing, inspection, aluminium sand blasting, first, second and final inspection, part marking, etching, sometimes operating machines in the wax room or wax trimming. 

A versatile employee, Paul will help out wherever is needed, he says; “no two days are the same for me, which is why I like working here, it’s very varied.”

Outside of work, Paul is a keen tattooist and has previously owned his own shop. He has sadly retired now but keeps his ‘hand in’ by tattooing himself.

Paul says; “I love meeting new people through tattooing, you really get to know them and their story. I’ve always loved the idea of it even from a young age when I used to do it with felt tip pens at school for 2p.”

Like many employees of PIC, it’s the people and the spirit of the company that keeps him happy.