A day in the life of our employees…

Every month we will be taking a look at a day in the life of one of our PI Castings employee’s. We will be following the investment casting process and the people that make it possible to create the products we make.

Starting in the Wax Room

Like many employees at Precision Investment Castings, Dawn, pictured here, started work at the company straight out of school, starting as a machine operator in the wax room. Generations of her family also worked here over the years; in fact she met her husband at her interview. It was the place to work for local people.

A couple of years later, Dawn left to have children but returned to join Turbotech, PIC’s sister company. Loving assembly work she was always keen to rejoin PIC and eventually came back to work in the wax room on assembly. 

Dawn said, “wax assembly is quite an intricate and complex process, so you do have to have a certain degree of finesse to be good at it.” She continues, “I do love being able to be creative and work with my hands.”

Dawn works alongside Tracey, also pictured. They share with us, a typical day in the wax room;

“We arrive at 8am to get a much-needed cup of tea and then go on to prepare all of the day’s work.”  Dawn and Tracey have worked together so long that they are in total harmony with each other, which is another reason why they both love their jobs saying; “We love working together, we’ve been doing it that long we can read each other’s minds but we always find time to celebrate the small successes.”

After a hard day at work both ladies like to come home and chill out… at least until the grandkids come around.