Erlson Investment in 5 axis milling

Introducing new owners – Erlson Precision Components

Erlson Precision Components are a specialist manufacturer of small, highly engineered components and assemblies requiring the tightest dimensional tolerances for a range of demanding automotive and general industrial applications, in medium to high volume.

The acquisition

Erlson’s plans to diversify into the aerospace & defence industry have seen them recently acquire both Precision Investment Castings (PIC) and sister company Turbotech, creating the Erlson Group.

Research & development

In previous years Erlson had invested in a small team of people to carry out research and development into the manufacturing of compressor wheels, an area that the company was trying to get into. The team bought a test machine which they developed and used to learn how to go about it.

They began creating different types of wheels and worked alongside customer feedback to refine the processes and techniques before eventually getting it right. The team used it as an opportunity to understand the pitfalls and learn from them before investing heavily in other expensive machinery.


Following the Erlson acquisition, in January 2019, it became quickly apparent that there was an opportunity to put all this learning to good use in support of one of Turbotech’s customers.

The company invested in the development of a new ‘5X building’ and, utilising old manufacturing space at PIC, the facility underwent a huge overhaul.

All surfaces were painted, with a new floor, roof and temporary walling. All restroom facilities have been updated and a reception and conferencing room has been realised which adds a new usable space to the unit.

In just 9 months the company has mobilised into production of compressor wheels and the Erlson Group is hoping to make full use of this space with plans to expand it’s capacity even further in 2020.