PI Castings have an on-site Toolroom and machine repair shop, which is fully equipped to carry out running Tooling repairs and Tool Room Maintenance; including Tooling, Die and fixture modifications.


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Your Tooling will be well cared for at PI Castings

When you place your tool with PI Castings your tooling will be well cared for, thus ensuring that the tool performs to the highest standard.

We are able to carry our timely and routine maintenance on your tooling, enabling us to maximise its lifespan and the return on your investment.


Tooling and Die Modification - Fixturing - PI Castings


By selecting a proactive tooling maintenance programme, we are able to guarantee the quality of the investment castings produced even when producing components from a die that has not been run for a period of time. We can guarantee the dimensional accuracy and quality of the parts produced are equal to those produced on the last production run.

We can respond quickly to design changes, and where possible, we can modify dies and fixtures in order to allow design changes to be accommodated using existing tooling; thus saving additional tooling expense.

PI Castings’ goal is to supply high quality dimensionally accurate components that exceed our customer’s expectations, in full and on time – every time – at a competitive price.

Are you interested in getting PI Castings to care for your tooling and fixtures?

If you are looking to transfer tooling and fixturing to PI Castings in order to benefit from our tool room services and high quality manufacturing solutions, contact our team today.

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