Surface Treatments

Post casting and machining, PI Castings can offer a number of specialised surface treatments, which are all carried out in accordance with a number of international quality standards.


Machined investment castings - Painted - PI Castings


Some of these treatments are carried out in-house, whilst others are performed by carefully selected and closely monitored 3rd party service providers depending on your requirements.

The Surface Treatments that we offer include:


Electro polishing



Mirror polishing


Hard Anodising

Shot Blasting


Chemical Blackening


other surface treatments

The shot blasting that we can carry out in-house includes Alumina Blasting, Stainless Steel Blasting to Rolls Royce specifications; and Plastic Bead Blasting.


Surface Treatments - PI Castings


Our surface finishing services allow us to deliver investment castings with a surface finish greater than the 3.2 micron finish produced by the investment casting process.

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