Sand Castings from PI Castings

Many engineers know Precision Investment Castings as an experienced and established investment casting manufacturer, but the investments that we have made as a company have allowed us to broaden the range of products that we can supply.  We have used our near 70 years of industry knowledge and experience to form relationships with capable and reliable overseas sources in order to be able to supply a variety of castings to our customers. One of the most popular types of casting that we are asked to source on behalf of our clients is sand castings. Through our reputable overseas sources, we are capable of supplying sand castings in a range of sizes and materials. All of the sand castings that we supply to our customers are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet even the most exacting quality standards.

We are able to supply Sand Castings in the following materials:

Aluminium Alloys


Brass Alloys

Grey Iron

Bronze Alloys

Spheriodal Graphite Iron

High-Quality Sourced Sand Castings

Like with all of our suppliers, our overseas sand casting suppliers have to be approved before they can undertake work for PI Castings. We then routinely monitor and inspect the products that are delivered to us in order to ensure continuing compliance. We take the quality of our investment castings very seriously (which is why we have gained so many industry approvals), and we take the same approach with our sourced sand castings.

All of the castings that are delivered by PI Castings are subject to a thorough inspection before being packed and dispatched to our clients. This helps us ensure that the products we supply meet your expectations.

Fully Finished Sand Castings

By having any sand castings that we source delivered to our facilities before shipment to our clients not only allows us to carry out our quality control procedures but also allows us to carry out any required finishing.


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We want to supply our clients with sand castings that are fully finished and ready for use. Our on-site machining facilities are equipped to carry out any machining operations necessary, allowing us to deliver fully machined sand castings to our customer. We can also deliver sand castings that have undergone a variety of surface treatments, ensuring that you receive products that are fit for purpose.

Why trust an investment casting manufacturer to source your sand castings?


So, why should you trust PI Castings to fulfil your requirement for sand castings? Well, that is simple…

By choosing PI Castings as your supplier you are choosing an experienced team that are able to work with overseas sources on your behalf to not only manufacture castings at a very competitive price but to also ensure that the castings that you receive get the seal of approval from a respected foundry that is renowned for its quality. You are allowing experienced casting industry professionals to work on your behalf, and remove some of the challenges associated with supply chain management by consolidating your chain of suppliers.

You are choosing to invest in quality products from a trusted source.

If you have a project that requires sand castings, and you want to know how PI Castings can help you with your manufacturing needs. Contact a member of our team to see how we can be of assistance.

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