Railway Castings

Historically we have been a trusted supplier of precision investment castings to companies within the rail industry. We were a supplier of choice for small and precise investment castings. We can now supply larger, heavier castings in to the rail industry thanks to the relationships that we have developed with our overseas sources. We are now equipped to supply both investment castings and sand castings into the rail industry. We have supplied an extensive variety of products into the rail market, and have manufactured components for rolling stock and railway infrastructure.

Precision investment Castings - Railway Castings - Train Wheels

Our typical railway castings

We manufacture high integrity components for a wide range of purposes in the defence industry. Our railway castings are produced to be used both inside and outside of rolling stock carriages.

Some examples of the typical railway castings that we are equipped to supply include:

Signalling Boxes


Rolling Stock Interiors

Door Hinges

De-icing Components

Brackets and Supports

Housings and Casings

Vibration Detection Equipment

High Quality Railway Castings

Our railway castings are supplied to many prominent rail industry companies such as Bombardier and Mors Smitt to name but a few.

At PI Castings we take pride in the quality of the components that we supply to our clients. Every casting that we manufacture is subject to strict quality control procedures during production. Even our sourced castings are subject to these strict inspections. This allows us to ensure that the products we supply to our clients meet the required quality standards.

If you have a requirement for railway castings we will be able to help. For more information on how we can help you produce your defence industry components, contact us, and a member of our team will happily assist you.

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