NADCAP Accreditation

The NADCAP Accreditation that PI Castings hold identifies our excellence in supplying high-quality investment castings manufactured through our superior investment casting process.

We hold NADCAP certification for both Non-Destructive Testing and Welding. This certification ensures that PI Castings is recognised as an aerospace industry supplier that is committed to product quality and excellence.

At PI Castings we are committed to supplying high-quality investment castings and other manufactured products to our customers. Our NADCAP Accreditation ensures that our customers are supplied with parts that have been manufactured to the most exacting standards.


NADCAP Accreditation - PI Castings - NADCAP NDT Certificate - 17-19
NADCAP Accreditation - PI Castings - NADCAP Welding Certificate 17-19

To learn about the scope of our NADCAP approvals, visit our NADCAP Scope of Accreditation page.

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