We are proud to have once again met the stringent requirements of NADCAP and as a result, our accreditation has been renewed with merit for the next 24-months.

Our globally recognised NADCAP accreditation demonstrates our commitment to high-quality manufacturing. The hard work that we have invested in gaining this accreditation now recognises us as a supplier that is committed to manufacturing excellence by leading aerospace organisations.


NADCAP accreditation renewed - PI Castings


NADCAP certification is one of the ways that the aerospace industry identifies companies who excel at manufacturing and supplying top quality products. At PI Castings we are dedicated to supplying high quality investment castings into the aerospace industry that have been manufactured through our highly specialised precision investment casting process. Many of the investment castings that we manufacture are supplied into the aerospace industry. Our NADCAP approvals give our customers confidence in our products and assure them that they have been manufactured to the highest standards.

Despite being a highly experienced investment casting manufacturer and a well-seasoned aerospace supplier, retaining our NADCAP approval was no easy feat. Our team has worked incredibly hard to obtain this prestigious status for another 24 months. We are incredibly proud of our team and their efforts and we would like to thank everybody involved.

Now that we have passed our latest NADCAP audit, our team can return to focussing all of their energy into manufacturing and supplying the products that our customers need in order to satisfy their requirements.



Product quality and customer satisfaction are always our primary concern at PI Castings. The fact that we maintained our NADCAP accreditation helps us to support our high level of customer satisfaction by ensuring that we can release products to the highest aerospace specifications. In addition to our renewed NADCAP accreditation, at PI Castings we also hold a number of other industry and customer approvals. We believe in supplying our customers with the parts that they need, having manufactured them to the required standards, regardless of the industry that they belong to. We are proud to supply conforming parts into not only the aerospace industry but the security, defence, oil & gas and automotive industries to name but a few.

To learn more about our long list of manufacturing approvals, visit our approvals page; or to see how our quality focussed approach to manufacturing can help support your needs, contact one of our team today.

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