If a company wants to improve and grow it cannot rest on its laurels and be left to stagnate. Is a 5,000-year old production technique the ideal solution for realising the new designs that can drive forward the Oil & Gas industry?

Continued success in a competitive marketplace requires constant progress and continuous improvement to maintain a competitive edge. But constant price pressure, high customer expectations and a constantly evolving marketplace make offering superior service to maintain that competitive advantage no easy undertaking. To avoid falling foul of these ever-changing demands, businesses (regardless of the industry to which they belong) must adapt and rise to the challenges of the future.

From design to realisation

Performing the same operations with the same equipment will always yield the same results. If change is not affected, the end results, or indeed the journey to them, will never improve. To implement positive changes that catapult a business to the position of market leader innovation is usually required. New products and new methods of operation are needed to answer the call for “better, faster, cheaper”.

It is one thing designing a product to meet these requirements, but manufacturing it is an entirely different proposition. Before an idea can change the world, it must be realised.

Market leaders invest fantastic sums of money into research and development activities. They are constantly working to improve their products and the efficiency with which they can produce them. Good companies look to increase their profits by increasing revenue or reducing operating costs, great companies do both.

The pressure to deliver that end-users put on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), cascades down the supply chain. Manufacturing companies must strive continually to reduce costs and improve the quality of their products. The complex features of new components and the call for superb quality can impose a strain on many manufacturing processes. Sometimes the innovative products that design engineers create require components that cannot be formed by even the most advanced CNC machining processes. Does this mean we have to wait for manufacturing technologies to develop before innovation can take place? Not necessarily, provided we don’t lose sight of the enduring advantages of more traditional methods.

Passing the test of time

Many of the products that serve the Oil & Gas industry require parts with complex internal features to be produced in mid to high volumes. Their end use often requires parts to have good, uncompromised integrity and a smooth surface finish to ensure optimal performance.  All of these boxes can be ticked by a casting technique that dates back thousands of years – investment casting.

Throughout the last century, investment casting has been used to manufacture cutting edge components for demanding industry sectors, like aerospace, defence and medicine, where precision and quality are paramount. The process can deliver intricate forms with complex features that cannot be achieved by any other method. It can be extremely cost effective as it reduces the need for secondary finishing operations and limits material waste.

Experienced investment casting manufacturers, like PI Castings, have already helped many companies in the Oil & Gas industry to develop new, innovative products and put them into production. The process can be used to produce a range of products, including valves, impellors & compressors, pump components, safety equipment, drilling components, detection equipment and off-shore components –  to name but a few.

Is investment casting the answer to the question of how you develop your range of products? Can it reduce your manufacturing costs and improve the quality of your existing products in order to help your business grow? We think you should contact our team and find out!


Here are some examples of the components that can be manufactured by investment casting…


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