PI Castings have been manufacturing investment castings and machined components for a considerable length of time, and are highly experienced in supplying demanding market sectors with finished products.

machined steel castings manufactured by precision investment castings


The machining facilities at PI Castings, along with our considerable experience in manufacturing castings, enable us to carry out post cast machining on our high integrity investment castings as and when it is required.

Our machining facility is fully equipped to carry out machining work on the castings that we manufacture and source from overseas. We are also capable of carrying out sub-contract work on behalf of other foundries. We can perform turning and milling on our lathes and VMCs, and we can balance rotary components on our balancing machines.

At PI Castings, our aim is to deliver fully finished and machined castings to our customers; we supply components to exacting quality standards, on time, at a competitive price.

Machined castings with enhanced properties

Our machining facilities allow us to manufacture products that have features which could not be achieved through casting alone. This means that we can improve the dimensional accuracy of our components, and achieve tighter tolerances and a finer surface finish than casting alone would permit.
Our machining facilities allow us to manufacture components for our customers that have the benefits associated with both Investment Casting and machining from solid.

machined castings and painted castinsg manufactured by precision investment castings


We always aim to provide a manufacturing solution that best suits your componentry requirements. As such, we may use a combination of casting and machining to produce your products.


Do you have a requirement for machined castings

Do you have a project that requires casting and machining services? Contact our highly experienced team to see how we can help you consolidate your supply chain and manufacture your components in a cost effective manner.

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