Industries Precision Investment Castings work with

At PI Castings we are the chosen investment casting manufacturers for many major companies across a wide range of industries. Over the 65 years that we have been manufacturing high quality precision investment castings, our customer base has grown and become very diverse. Our experience and in house capabilities leave us well placed to produce an extensive range of cast products for application in both commercial and ministry sectors. We operate on a global scale and produce castings for applications where precision is essential. The many benefits of the Investment Casting process make it the ideal production method to use when manufacturing parts that require tight tolerances, good integrity and where weight is a consideration.


The industries that our precision castings serve include:

At PI Castings we welcome new challenges. We are always happy to use our experience and expertise to develop new cast products in new markets.  If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you realise your ideas and designs contact a member of our team.

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