2018 has arrived and we intend to make it a successful year for ourselves and for our customers!

Big Ben’s chimes might have now ceased for the majority of the year, but our drive to manufacture and supply precision products certainly has not. We are back open for business after our annual festive break and we are looking forward to supporting our customers over the next 12 months by continuing to manufacture and supply high quality, high integrity components.

Let’s make 2018 a huge success!



If you are keen to get your first new project of the year off the ground, contact our team today to find out how we can provide the support that you need to make your 2018 a triumphant year.

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If you have any questions about our Investment Casting services, Machining services, Rapid Prototyping services or Low Cost Sourcing services, please make contact with one of our capable engineers and they will provide you with more information