Die Castings from PI Castings

Through our trusted and reliable overseas sources, we are able to supply our customers with Die Castings in a range of non-ferrous materials thanks to our ability to use hot and cold chamber casting techniques. We are able to have components manufactured using both Gravity Die Casting and Pressure Die Casting processes.

Gravity Die Casting

Low Pressure Die Casting

High Pressure Die Casting

We are capable of supplying Die Castings in a variety of materials:





High-Quality Die Castings

Supplying our customers with high-quality castings is our primary goal. All of the Die Castings that we have manufactured on behalf of our customers are fully inspected by our highly experienced team before they are packed and dispatched.

Every batch of castings supplied by PI Castings is subject to a thorough inspection and must meet our exacting quality standards. Only castings that have gained our seal of approval are sent to our customers.

Machined and Finished Die Castings

As a well-equipped manufacturing solutions provider, we are able to use our on-site and off-site resources to carry out a variety of operations on our castings in order to ensure that they meet the expectations of our customers.


Die Castings - CNC Machining - PI Castings - Precision Investment Castings


We can use our machining facilities to perform CNC Milling and CNC Turning operations to ensure that the products we supply arrive with our customers in the required form and have been manufactured to the required tolerances; giving our customers the benefit of the low prices associated with overseas foundries and the high standards associated with British manufacturing and engineering.

Through our network of approved service providers, we can supply castings that have undergone a variety of surface treatments. Including painting, plating, polishing, anodising, passivating and laser etching.

Why choose PI Castings as your Die Casting Supplier?


Our Low Cost Sourcing services don’t just offer the benefits of supply chain consolidation, they afford our customers the benefits associated with choosing a die casting supplier that has nearly 70 years experience in the manufacturing and casting industry. You will benefit from competitively priced components that are subject to the same stringent inspections as our aerospace approved products.

The die castings that you receive will be supplied on time, in full and in the required form.

If you would like to know more about how PI Castings can help you with your manufacturing needs, contact a member of our team to make an enquiry or for more details.

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