Defence Castings

Many of the precision investment castings that we have manufactured since 1950 have been destined for companies within the defence industry. We have supplied an extensive variety of products into the defence market, having manufacturing components to serve the land, sea and air divisions of militaries across the globe.

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Our typical defence castings

We manufacture high integrity components for a wide range of purposes in the defence industry. Our clients trust us to manufacture sound defence castings that will fulfil critical functions in weapons, fighting vehicles, naval craft and aircraft.

Some typical defence castings that we are asked to manufacture by our clients include:

Weapon System Components

Optical Housings

Military Aircraft Components

Naval Defence Components

Fighting Vehicle Weapons System Components

Fighting Vehicle Mechanical Components

High Quality Defence Castings

Our top quality, high integrity investment castings are the castings of choice for many major defence industry companies. Our parts serve the needs of companies such as Thales, Babcock, BAe Systems and Lockheed Martin to name but a few.

Over the many years that we have served the defence industry we have gained a very good understanding of the regulations and requirements that are associated with manufacturing and supplying defence castings.

If you have a requirement for defence castings, our experience manufacturing castings for the defence industry can help you meet your requirements. For more information on how we can help you produce your defence industry components, contact us, and a member of our team will happily help.

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