Valentine’s day is often overlooked by B2B companies, especially those in the manufacturing sector. We ourselves have been guilty of this in the past, however, this year we would like to take get into the spirit of celebration and explain why Valentine’s Day (and what it stands for) is important to us as a company.

The day may be synonymous with love heart emblazoned cards and teddy bears, but when you look past the chintzy gifts and focus on its deeper meaning, you realise that the celebration is actually about showing an appreciation for important relationships. The companies in the greeting card industry have quite literally awarded themselves a license to print money by encouraging people to fixate on the connotation between relationships and romance, however, many of the most important relationships (especially those in business) do not have romantic affinity at their core.

In any business, strong relationships with dependable partners are crucial to making progress. Building good relationships with suppliers and service providers is fundamental to operational stability, as is maintaining a good connection with your workforce. Supplier/buyer and employer/employee relationships are far from romantic, but these two commercial partnerships are definitely considered important to a business’ success.

Successful operation is only valuable if it directly contributes to helping a business achieve its objectives. In our sector, operational efficiency relates to how effectively we can manufacture and supply products to our customers. We are incredibly appreciative of how the partnerships that we have forged with our own suppliers have enabled us to produce and dispatch high-quality product consistently. As appreciative as we are of these relationships, they are not the only relationships that are significant to our business.

Arguably, the most important relationships for a business are the ones that it develops with its customers. We believe that the best customer relationships are symbiotic. Good, mutually beneficial relationships are the sort of relationships that fuel continuous growth. A faithful, fair and rewarding partnership is considerably better than a flash in the pan romance when it comes to achieving the long-lived stability that is necessary for development.  Although relationships with our customers do not follow the traditional structure of a marriage (one project can often require working with multiple parties), we strive to incorporate the underlying values of a successful marriage into our partnerships.


Honesty, commitment and uncompromisable support.

As a manufacturing partner, we understand that the relationships we forge with other companies in a supply chain are integral to the performance of the OEM that we are ultimately serving. To us, being a good supplier is all about being there to support the companies that are above us in the supply chain.

We are committed to providing the support that is needed to drive projects forward. As an incredibly experienced manufacturer, we are capable of drawing from our past experiences and providing the guidance and service that you need to succeed with your latest projects.


What is the secret to a good relationship?

Unfortunately, we are not qualified to offer personal relationship advice in a professional capacity. However, we have been operating successfully for long enough to know that the secret to developing and maintaining strong business relationships with customers is good customer service.

We have been manufacturing precision investment castings for nearly 70 years. Throughout this period we have developed a reputation for being able to produce high-quality cast products. The quality of our products is no doubt a huge factor in our longevity, but we know that without good customer service, we would not be able to maintain the relationships with our customers that support our progression and their own.


Forward-thinking company, seeking a dependable partner?

If our take on Valentine’s Day has prompted you to evaluate your business relationships, and start the search for an experienced and dependable manufacturing partner, steer clear of the lonely hearts ad column and contact our team instead. We will show you first hand why PI Castings is the ideal partner for your business.

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