CNC Machining Services

At PI Castings we have over 65 years’ experience in casting and machining. In addition to investment casting, we offer a range of CNC machining services.


CNC Machining Services - PI Castings


As our business has grown and developed we have invested in the latest manufacturing technologies in order to provide the best possible service to our clients. This commitment to growth and development has resulted in our machining facilities expand continuously throughout our years of trading.

This continued investment in our machining facility allows us to offer stand-alone CNC machining services. In addition to offering investment casting services, we are able to offer machining solutions to our clients, new and old. We can manufacture components by machining from solid in a variety of materials including Steels, Aluminium and other specialist alloys. Our CNC Machining solutions can deliver high integrity parts to your exacting requirements.


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Advantages of CNC Machining

Our CNC Machining solutions offer the following benefits to our customers:

Good Integrity – The fact that components are machined from solid blocks of material ensures that there are no internal defects within the finished product.

Consistency – CNC Machining offers unrivalled dimensional consistency. Through the process, products can be reproduced precisely and consistently time and time again.

Shorter Lead Times – CNC Machining solutions are less labour intensive than other production methods; this ensures that components can be produced in shorter lead times.

Freedom of design – Advances in technology allow components to be produced through CNC Machining that simply could not be produced through other traditional methods.

CNC Machining, however, does have its limitations. Complex internal features, undercuts and specialised features cannot be machined for instance. In these circumstances, we are able to use our Investment casting manufacturing expertise to produce your components and meet your requirements.

Our aim is to fulfil your exacting requirements with high-quality products, and this sometimes requires the use of a combination of different processes. Our engineers are always on hand to help you develop the best possible solution for your componentry needs. They will advise the best manufacturing route for your parts and assist with any design changes that would benefit production.


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Our CNC Machining Capacity

Our machining facilities allow us to offer a complete CNC Machining service. We are able to fully project manage the manufacture of precision components and complete sub-contract work on behalf of our customers. The machining department at PI Castings is equipped with CNC machining centres for CNC milling and CNC turning, conventional milling, drilling and turning equipment cater for traditional machining operations.

We are able to offer a broad range of services, including:

CNC Machining

CNC Turning

Traditional Machining Operations

We have a range of multi-axis CNC Machines. Our CNC Milling Machines can accommodate components up to 1270mm x 508mm x 508mm, and our CNC Lathes offer a maximum turning diameter of 450mm.

High quality CNC Machined components

Quality is always our primary focus. Our CNC machined components undergo the same stringent inspection process as our high integrity investment castings once they have been manufactured.

Our NADCAP and AS9100 approved Non-Destructive Testing department can carry out Dye penetrant testing on all of our machined components in order to ensure that they comply with the required quality standards. All of the components that we produce are subject to thorough inspection before they are shipped, ensuring that you receive quality products every time that exceeds your expectations.

All of our products are manufactured to the highest Aerospace industry standards. We understand how to meet the most exacting requirements, and have more experience than most when it comes to manufacturing components for demanding market sectors.

CNC Machining Services - PI Castings NADCAP Approval
CNC Machining Services - PI Castings AS9100 Approval

Do you have a project that requires CNC Machining?

If you have a project that requires any of the CNC machining services listed above, contact our highly experienced team and find out how we can help you with your machining requirements. Our engineers will review your needs and offer the best advice on how we could produce your products.

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