PI Castings believes in recognising, celebrating and rewarding long service. In one of our last posts in 2016, we celebrated the long service of two of our employees, June Simons and Arthur Clarke, whom had contributed 40 and 32 years respectively to the manufacture and supply of investment castings within our company.

In our post, we mentioned that we would be celebrating further achievements throughout 2017. The time has now come to recognise the long service and loyalty of another of our employees, David Farncombe.

David joined PI Castings as a Sales Engineer in February 1997, and served as an Area Sales Manager from 2005 before assuming the role of Sales director in June 2009. The end of last month marked the 20th anniversary of David joining PI Castings. For his 20 years of service, David has been awarded a certificate of achievement, a specially commissioned ceramic bell (the traditional award for 20 years’ service) and additional holiday entitlement.

“Working at PI Castings for the past 20 years has been a wonderful experience. I still remember my first day at PI, I was sat waiting in reception, excited and overjoyed to be starting my new job. Now, all these years later I still enjoy coming into work as much as I did when I started, and spending my time supporting our customers alongside such a fantastic team. There have been a lot of changes in the industry and at the company over the last two decades, but the fortitude and staying power that we have shown as a company is a real testament to my colleagues. One of PI Casting’s great strengths is definitely its ability to maintain a strong and experienced team. The technical and specialist knowledge within the company is what helps us meet our customer’s requirements by supplying them with top quality products.” – David Farncombe.

The cumulative experience of our team, and more importantly the knowledge that such experience affords, is a key factor in PI Castings’ ability to assist with project development and realise componentry concepts. We recognise the importance of this experience and award hard work and commitment as a result. We will be celebrating more long service achievements throughout 2017, and sharing more information about the experience that each long serving member of our team brings to their respective departments.

If you would like to see how the wealth of experience that David and the rest of the PI Castings team have in manufacturing can help meet your requirements in a timely and cost efficient manner, contact us today.

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