In 2016 PI Castings were nominated to join the Aerospace Cluster of Excellence (ACE) by Bombardier; one of the many aerospace industry companies that they supply with investment castings.

Since joining the ACE group, PI Castings have made progress and are working towards achieving their SC21 award. They have focussed on improving on time and in full delivery, maintaining product quality and improving other aspects to support SC21’s goal of strengthening the Aerospace and Defence industry supply chains. The continuous improvements that PI Castings are making – namely 5S workplace implementation in their foundry – are ensuring that their customers get the best possible level of service and efficiency gains. Working on eliminating as much waste as possible from the manufacturing process and continuously refining processing techniques is resulting in the PI Castings customer base starting to benefit from improved quality and reduced lead times.


Aerospace Cluster of Excellence - SC21 AWARD - PI Castings


On 24th January 2017 PI Castings’ Managing Director, Neil Shaw, attended his first Aerospace Cluster meeting to provide the group with an update on their progress towards achieving SC21. Neil shared with the group how PI Castings are expanding their propositions to market, how they have improved their CNC Machining capabilities, greater inspection flexibility due to CMM Training and improved capacity planning and maintenance scheduling using the ERP system ‘Synchro’. Neil also indicated that the company have started to improve machine tool down-time and improve “up time” by implementing a maintenance repair, overhaul and replacement strategy, thus ensuring PI Castings’ customers benefit from improved production up time, capacity, efficiencies and OTIF delivery.

PI Castings are focussed on continuous improvement and it is now helping them with their journey towards their SC21 Award. PI Castings are now starting to win new orders for equipment destined for use in pharmaceutical monitoring, marine defence, aerospace aftermarket, the drink dispenser industry and optical defence applications. PI Castings dedication and a new focus on continuous improvement have ensured that their new customers are receiving the high level of service that you would associate with a best in class aerospace manufacturing company.

As a company that is committed to the SC21 programme, PI Castings have offered their expertise to other members of the Aerospace Cluster of Excellence in order to help their contemporaries make improvements in their own businesses. At the meeting, Neil offered to support other members in the group be sharing PI Castings experience in maintaining AS9100 & NADCAP Approvals, sharing their excellent NDT knowledge and capability and offering a tour of the PI Castings Investment Casting facilities to show how the company manufacture their high integrity castings to exacting quality standards.

In the time leading up to the next Aerospace Cluster of Excellence meeting, PI Castings will continue to improve their on time and in full delivery performance and support the quality of their products by bolstering their long list of diverse approvals with a Lloyds Register approval.

We look forward to giving you another update about PI Castings progress towards SC21 later this year.

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