If you are a regular reader of the Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine, you may have come across the feature in the March 2017 issue which explains how the fine surface finish of investment casting can result in cost savings, shorter lead-times and superior dimensional accuracy in production.

The fine surface finish that can be produced by investment casting is one of the many key qualities that attracts design engineers to this method of casting when they are determining the most appropriate route to manufacture for their components.

Advantages of investment casting's fine surface finish - Aluminium Casting Examples from the Boeing 787

In the article, Sean Curley of our quality department explains why the 3.2 Micron surface finish of investment casting can result in the aforementioned benefits.

The feature explores how the fine surface finish allows for tight tolerances to be achieved during production, reduces the need for machining and finishing operations, and contributes to a better quality of finish; especially when parts are destined for final surface treatment processes, such as painting.

You can read the full article by following the link below and turning to page 26!

Advantages of investment casting's fine surface finish - Aero-Mag Article March 2017

investment casting’s fine surface finish isn’t its only desirable quality!

A fine surface finish is not the only advantage that the investment casting process affords. To find out more about the other advantages that investment casting can offer, take a look at our Investment Casting Infographic – it shares information about the other benefits that the casting process can offer.


If your latest project could benefit from the incredibly fine “as cast” surface finish of investment casting, contact our team for more information on how we can help with your specific manufacturing requirements.

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