Employees are a company’s greatest asset. A business can have all of the financial resource in the world, but without a willing and capable workforce to produce their products, they will not succeed.

At PI Castings, we appreciate the importance of each of our team members. Each employee plays a vital role in ensuring that we are able to produce high quality investment castings and other manufactured products for our customers, on time and to the required engineering standards.

In 2016 we changed the way that we acknowledge and reward our team members for hard work, long service and loyalty. When a service milestone is reached, a commemorative gift is given and additional holiday allowance is awarded as an expression of our gratitude.

As the new initiative was only put in to affect at the end of 2016, some of our longest serving staff are yet to benefit from the reward and recognition scheme sue to the fact that their service milestones have already passed. This is why we are honouring their long service achievements at their next work anniversaries in order to ensure that they get the recognition that they deserve.

Stephen Coops has been a diligent team member for 21 years. He has been a Technician in our Technical Department since joining PI Castings in 1996. Stephen’s hard work helps to make certain that the investment castings that we manufacture are sound and comply with the quality standards that are expected from an aerospace approved foundry.

Thank you Stephen for your continued and unwavering effort – here is to another 20 years!

We know that the copious amount of experience within PI Castings is an integral factor in our success as a company. Without this experience, we would not be where we find ourselves at the forefront of investment casting manufacturing. Investing to maintain a skilled workforce that feels valued is the most important investment that a company can make.

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